Between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar or vice versa you travel on board the private train Grand Trans-Siberian Express.


There are 4 categories of accommodation on the Grand Trans-Siberian Express:

Standard Economy          3 or 4 persons per cabin

Standard Plus                 1 or 2 persons per cabin

Deluxe Silver                  1 or 2 persons per cabin, private shower and toilet en suite

Deluxe Gold                    1 or 2 persons per cabin, private shower and toilet en suite

In order to realize optimal timings on the heavily used Trans-Siberian railway line, our private train on some sections will be attached to regular scheduled trains, on some other sections will be hauled by its own locomotive.


Between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing or vice versa there are 2 travel options:


Option 1: for those looking for more comfort and sightseeing opportunities.

The flight between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing or vice versa by modern Boeing 737 aircraft takes only 2 hours and allows to see more sightseeing highlights in both cities, e.g. the National Historical Museum in Ulaanbaatar and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.


Option 2: for train enthusiasts who wish to travel by train throughout

The train journey on board chartered sleeping cars of a regular train takes about 30 hours (1 night). Only Standard Economy and Standard Plus accommodation is available on this section. The train crosses Gobi Desert during day time and is air conditioned.